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Creating a Great First "Online" Impression

As a therapist, we have an amazing opportunity to begin building trust and connection with potential clients with a professional, custom website and compelling content that calls your client to action through:
  • Creating an image for your practice in the form of designs, images, layout (don't rely on a template or DIY; your business is too valuable and the details too numerous to try to go-it-alone
  • Creating content that uniquely highlights your style of therapy, methodologies, expertise, niches, education and training that you have completed and associations to which you belong
  • Meeting the latest in technology requirements for a branded website and mobile site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that ensures your site will be seen by those searching for specific keywords
  • Providing the latest, most convenient options available for your clients in terms of online payment, scheduling and resources
  • Enjoying the ability to make your own changes whenever you want, without anxiety and without having to learn programming!
  • Having deeper knowledge of the statistics relating to your website and mobile site
Your website may be the first, and only, impression you get to make on your potential clients and referral resources. Ensure it's a great one and establish yourself as an expert at the same time by branding all your creatives including your website, tablet site, mobile site, keyword-researched content, search engine optimization (SEO) and offline collateral materials.

My Website and Content Package includes:
  • Personal one-on-one service; I'm a licensed psychotherapist and Therapy Practice Consultant of over two decades and can absolutely be of help to you
  • A specially crafted Therapy Branding Questionnaire to help you gain clarity and focus in your image and content
  • A 10-page professionally designed custom website (extra pages are $125)
  • Your full control over all editing capabilities once in production
  • Content writing and editing to ensure you're considered an expert in your niche  
  • Exhaustive keyword and key phrase research   
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for your niche and region  
  • Full access to graphical analytics sent to your email on a weekly basis 
  • I liaison with your third party vendors (hosting companies, etc.) so you don't have to
  • Website submission to major Search Engines
  • Free 60 days technical support following launch
  • Special pricing for ongoing maintenance and support 
  • NO hosting costs for six months; $15 a month thereafter

Content to Reflect Your Niche

If you suffer from writer's block or have trouble translating the passion and love for the work to you do the "printed page", that's OK; I can help.  I've been a professional writer for over 30 years and have been selling my books on Amazon for nearly 20 years.  I've also been a therapist for nearly 20 years so I understand the very special nature of a therapy site and the care that must go into each word.  

Together we'll craft a website that perfectly features your style, background, areas of expertise and niches.  I've carefully developed my branding questionnaire over years of doing this work to tease out the gifts that you bring to your work.

Mobile-Friendly Is a Must!

All my websites come with a mobile-friendly and tablet version, so you're sure to be found no matter what device your client is using.

If you're happy with your current design though and aren't in the market for a custom therapy website at this time but your site isn't displaying on mobile devices correctly, you may be missing out on a tremendous opportunity.  Google has begun sending out warning messages to website owners without a mobile-friendly site alerting them to the fact that their ranking may drop as a result.

Test your website here with this free Google tool and read more about Google's new mobile-friendly design label on mobile search:

Teresa Lauer, LMHC

Custom Therapy Website

1 Payment

2 Payments
$1,350 to Begin; $1,350 in 30 Days*

Custom Website Tasks

$125.00 per Hour
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Mobile Site Only

$549 +
One Year Hosting Included
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