LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing for Referrals

  1. LinkedIn is the ultimate email list generator; and it's 100% deliverable to your contacts; compare this to approximately 11% delivery and open rate for a regular email

  2. The professionals you're looking for are already on LinkedIn waiting to hear from you 

  3. You can specifically target the person or people in your area of expertise
  4. You have no "gatekeepers" standing in the way of decision makers
  5. Think of LinkedIn as a massive gathering of all the business professionals in the world, coming together to connect with one another, network, and do business together

  6. Requires little or even no knowledge of social media

  7. You don't need other social media in place to experience its benefits

  8. You don't need hours a day or a comprehensive plan

  9. You don't need to even touch Twitter or Facebook if you don't want to! 

  10. In a recent study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%. That's almost three times higher (277%) than both Twitter (at 0.69%) and Facebook (at 0.77%).

My LinkedIn Services Include

  1. Providing you with a Therapy Branding Questionnaire that allows us to identify two to three therapy niches that you'd like to promote, extremely valuable as niche marketing is key to private practice therapy.

  2. Creating a custom Marketing Plan designed to reach individual referral sources and target groups

  3. Identifying 20 referral sources and 50 groups to begin; if you find value in my identifying the referral sources for you, I offer optional packages monthly

  4. Writing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to provide a Call to Action for your referral sources

  5. Writing custom scripts that take you through the connection and engagement process

  6. Instruction on strategies designed to increase your connections, i.e., Facebook integration into your groups

LinkedIn Marketing

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