Mobile Site Portfolio
(Legacy Platforms)

While I specialize in a new, innovative All-in-One Technology platform in which you receive three versions of your website:  Desktop, tablet and mobile, I can also create mobile sites that are on legacy platforms for a perfectly branded look with your website that meets Google's mobile-friendly requirements.

I invite you to click on any of the Before and After images below to be taken directly to my client's website:
Tom Eggert, LMHC | Seattle Therapist
Kent Kinzley, LMFT | Pasadena Couples Therapist, Child Therapy | LA Marriage, Relationship Expert
Stephanie Manes, LCSW | NYC SOHO Therapist | Adult ADHD | Individual & Couples | Counseling ADHD
Linda Riley, LMFT | Orlando Marriage Counseling | Couples Sex Therapy | Relationship Expert
Counseling Services Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ | Marcia McMurtrey, LCSW
Cara Weed, LCSW | Virginia Beach, Houston Individual, Couples Therapist | Intensives, Workshops
Teresa Lauer, LMHC | Seattle, Orange County | ADHD Therapy, Consult, Coaching | Doctors, Attorneys
Deborah Leeds, LMFT | Berkeley Couples Therapist | Pleasant Hill Couples Therapy | EcCT, Imago
Carol Walsh, PhD | San Jose Therapist, Psychologist | Relationship & Couples | Certified Imago
The Healing Trauma Network | Jan Bergstrom, LMHC
Boston Sex Addiction | New England Sex Addiction | NERA
The Healing Trauma Network | Jan Bergstrom, LMHC
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