YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing for Referrals

  1. Exposure to Potential Clients [Search Engine Optimization]

  2. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google (who owns YouTube) meaning that we're able to apply the same powerful SEO concepts to your videos to get you up higher in search results. 1 billion unique visitors search YouTube and subsequently watch 6 billion hours of video a month.

  3. Customization of Your YouTube Account and Videos
    Whether you opt to have individual YouTube accounts or one for I can brand the channel to your website as well as your covers for your videos. You can select certain parts of your video that you'd like to highlight for each of you.

  4. Engagement with Your Visitors
    You can accept comments on your YouTube Channel which works something like a blog where you're able to engage with those who contact you to further the discussion.

  5. No More TL:DR
    This is a well known acronym in the tech space relating to web page content, which means: Too Long : Didn't Read; this doesn't apply to videos

  6. Mobile
    1 billion visitors view videos on their mobile device a day, which is 25% of total videos watched

  7. Sharing 
    It's easy for your referral base and workshop clients to share and distribute your videos; this, of course, extends to your own sharing from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter accounts, etc.

  8. Demonstrating Your Expertise
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth even more; YouTube is the most effective (and easiest) way for potential clients to learn more about your style and warmth.

  9. Subscribers
    Your YouTube subscribers are analogous to a simple-to-use opt-in list; they're notified every time you post a video

My YouTube Services Include

  1. Creating your custom YouTube Channel branded to your website

  2. Creating a custom Google+ account for your YouTube account (if you don't have one already); setting up and updating your account if necessary

  3. Creating a Cover Page for your YouTube Channel

  4. Uploading three (3) videos over the next three (3) months as you create and send them to me

  5. Optimizing all videos for description, tags (keywords) and annotations

  6. Submitting to mass pinging service for video distribution for all three (3) videos as they are created

  7. Creating a Presentation-style video if you don't have a video to start with about your services and expertise; you may elect to do a voice-over with music, just music or just voice-over

  8. Coordinating with your technical staff to place the video on your site (unless you're a website client of mine, of course, in which case, I will take care of everything for you)

  9. Updating your website if you're not a client and you don't have a technical staff is offered for an additional fee

  10. Completing your YouTube Channel and first video typically within 5 (five) business days, based on the quality of video, etc.
Please Note:

If you have a video which needs additional enhancements, we'll do our best to make it a higher quality however, the results will depend on the original video provided.
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YouTube Marketing

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