LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Do you have over a hundred LinkedIn connections?  200?  Even 300, but are stumped on how to turn those connections into real income for your therapy practice?  I can show you how, but it all starts with an optimized, memorable profile and I can help you there too.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you, your vision, your practice?  A little, something, or NOTHING at all?  Would you just like to have it done for you?

If your profile is missing pertinent information about you, your practice, education and more, then potential referral sources will see your minimal or disorganized effort and move on:  You've lost another potential client and/or referral which could cost you thousands of dollars during the course of one year!

Imagine walking in to a networking group with smiles all around, hands outstretched and pretty much everyone saying "I'd love to see how we could work together and how I might be able to refer clients to you."  That's LinkedIn; pretty easy once you get in the groove and certainly comfortable, even if you're super shy and not that into marketing.

As I mentioned though, harnessing the power of LinkedIn starts with an optimized profile. Let me explain: As a therapist, I specialize in Financial Behavior; I no longer specialize in grief, addiction or many other areas in which I have experience and am known, so I need good, solid therapists to refer to and LinkedIn has made that possible. And vice versa, I've been on LinkedIn since 2009 and consistently receive 80-85% of my referrals from other professionals with whom I've formed relationships.

LinkedIn is a vertical search engine which means you have a tremendous opportunity for optimization, just like on Google. Your profile attracts visitors based on ranking signals and how you write your profile. Some salient questions to see if you're attracting referrals:
  • Are you familiar with LinkedIn etiquette? There are powerful ways to reach your perfect referral sources that start with your profile.
  • Are you making use of LinkedIn's new service, perfect if you offer Executive Coaching? A great profile is a must.
  • Do you have an "All Star" profile starting with your 2,000 characters in your Summary to promote your therapy practice brand?   
  • Do you know how to ask for, and receive, recommendations that help you rank in a LI search?
  • Have you joined groups where professionals (and the best referral sources for your niche) hang out?
  • Do you have a professional head shot on your profile? You'll get 14% more views to your profile if you do.
  • Do you have Skills listed that others can endorse on your profile? You'll get 13% more views if you do.
My LinkedIn Profile Optimization is invaluable for helping you rank on LinkedIn; I'll ensure that your profile is perfect and on it's way to All-Star status in less than five days!

Ready to move ahead?   There's never been a better opportunity to market for referral sources for your practice than on LinkedIn's new format. With over 450 million users, LinkedIn is the gold standard for businesses and for us as therapists, that means targeting and reaching our potential referral sources even more precisely than before.

Still Wondering if You Should Market on LinkedIn? 
Watch This Video!

Includes the following:


I will create a professional, custom-written profile lifting your profile to All-Star status, a ranking signal within LinkedIn that gives you 40 times the opportunity for connections.

I will ensure that you have a strong call-to-action on your profile and that your profile takes advantage of every opportunity to be found in a LinkedIn search.

I Have Two Bonuses For You ...

Bonus #1

10 LinkedIn connection scripts specially-written for finding the right connections, in the right sequence to get MORE referrals from your LinkedIn connections. Simple cut/paste, fill in the {___}. Saves you tons of time (Value $500).

Bonus #2

My new LinkedIn Optimization course at no extra charge, outlining exactly how to connect and engage with LinkedIn professions to grow your therapy practice. To be released in early July (Value $299).  
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